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" name is ( YOUR NAME ) and I am with Jeff Simmons - U.S. Congress. I am checking in with you today to remind you that early voting will be starting soon. I am here to help you if you have any questions about Jeff Simmons - U.S. Congress, the voting process, times or voting locations.

You may find it helpful to go to our  that's - or-  give us a call at 

 972 306 3333 that's 972 306 3333. We look forward to hearing from you  and we appreciate your vote...Jeff Simmons - U.S. Congress.//

 About Jeff Simmons 

U.S. Congress

Jeff is a prolific entrepreneur and award winning media veteran with a solid history of developing highly focused world class teams and initiating dynamic business and marketing solutions to advance industries of all types and sizes.
He started his media career in radio while working his way through college as a weekend newscaster and reporter; he successfully advanced through positions in sales, production and marketing.
After college, Jeff went to work for the BBC in Great Britain and traveled extensively throughout Europe.  While in London, Jeff was offered a position in television news in the U.S.
Jeff went to work for BusinessWeek magazine in New York and was assigned to ABC News to write and  produce daily business and consumer reports.  He eventually became an Anchor and Correspondent on the cable news effort produced by ABC News.
Jeff was based out of Washington and worked on Capitol Hill. 
He has interviewed top political leaders, presidents, business, political, religious and military leaders.
Jeff advanced in his career with extensive media experience including:
Videographer/Editor (including audio, film and video)
Producer (TV/radio commercials, music videos, graphics packages, main newscasts 5-6-10-11, noon, morning news & cut-ins)
Director (including audio, chyron operator, studio camera and teleprompter)
Correspondent/Reporter (Business/Economics, Consumer & General Assignment - primarily “live” wrap arounds from the field)
Assignment Editor
Anchor (main newscasts 5-6-10-11, morning news, cut-ins & noon)
Executive Producer (responsible for all newscasts, staffing, training, budget)
Jeff has written and published a News Operations Manual and has won many honors and awards for his work including:
               1 - Best Newscast - Producer
               2 - Best Newscasts - Anchor & Co-Producer
               3 - Best Anchor Awards: 1-small market, 1-medium market, 1-large market
However, Jeff is most proud of the commendations he has received for his community and charity work. He is currently working on three charities:
                           * to assist veterans and their families
                           * to find homes for stray animals
                           * to help prevent neighborhood crime.
In 1997, Jeff started his own business, EAD! Electronic Advertising & Design, bringing in major clients and developing marketing campaigns for clients ABC/Disney, Alibaba, CBS/Viacom, Maaco, Morgan Stanley and Shearson/American Express.
He also designed and developed, an online media marketplace for buying and selling TV/Cable, Radio, print and internet advertising.
Jeff earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Finance. He is a Certified Digital and Radio Marketing Consultant (CDMC/CRMC). His broad based business skills also include sales management, personnel development, and customer relations.
Jeff is a pilot, expert marksman and enjoys horseback riding, skydiving, golf, scuba diving and, on occasion, parasailing.
       On IMMIGRATION  Jeff Simmons - U.S. Congress
BUILD THAT WALL! If taking precautionary measures to keep our country safe and secure is what we have to do...I'm all for it. With terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction more prevalent than ever, I believe we need to utilize the U.S. Military and local authorities as a backup  for protecting our borders. Once the border is secure, we can begin to address the illegals in our country. First, we should remove those who have committed crimes in our country. We also need to address those that have expired work visas, and those that work, don't pay taxes and draw welfare.

With a 23 trillion dollar deficit, we simply cannot afford to provide benefits to illegal immigrants any longer. Too often, too many do not think of us as a caring people, they think of us as chumps and fools. Radical Socialists have taken advantage of our caring ways in an attempt to build a larger coalition to sway elections to Democrats. It's not illegal but why shouldn't it be? Bear in mind as we've been warned, we must continually be vigilant and prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect our great Republic that we've fought and worked so hard for and so many have paid the last full measure of devotion to preserve and protect.

      On HEALTHCARE  Jeff Simmons - U.S. Congress

Two down and more to go. You've got to be mighty quick on your feet to keep up with a President like President Trump. In fact, I can't remember any President getting so much done so quickly as the President has and continues to do. So keep that in mind when you read the following:

I strongly believe that we must never give up the fight to eradicate every single bit of Obamacare. Its tentacles grow with time. Ironically, since implementing that system, it has increasingly hurt the very people it purported to help:  the elderly, the sick the poor. I am proud of my continuing efforts to defeat the expansion of Obamacare in Texas, but the fight must go on until we are victorious.

As your U.S. Representative, I will fight to protect Texas against the skyrocketing costs, red tape, governmental intervention and all the bloated bunk associated with the so-called Affordable Care Act.

I have the skill, the experience and leadership qualities to lead this fight. I believe we should start with a 3-step Prioritized Action Plan:


1.  Repeal Obamacare

2.  Tort Reform

3.  Remove competitive restrictions on insurance companies.


These three (3) actions, I believe are a good start and would soon bring the cost of healthcare to an affordable level. When I first wrote this, none of the three steps had been accomplished. Now, President Trump and Republicans in the Senate and House has now gone ahead and taken care of two of the three. Can you name them?


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