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        A Message from Greg Abbott - Governor

I want to thank you and your wonderful wife
Olga, for all you both do to make Texas great.
I look forward to working with you both as we make it even better.
Your friend,

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Want to be a part of one of the most, if not the most important elections in U.S. history?

  Nearly every day, we hear from voters who are concerned about what is going on in our country but aren't sure the best way they can help.

   The experience, materials, and step by step instructions our Team has acquired will help you channel your concern into action.


To register, simply send us an email:

  As a "Jeff Simmons for U.S. Congress" Action Team member, we'll work with you and show you how to:

  • Work the phones

  • Go door to door

  • Drive voters to the polls

  • Organize a campaign fundraiser

  • Manage and operate campaign HQ

  • Handle TV/radio and print interviews

  The Jeff Simmons for U.S. Congress field staff is available to help you gather any information and tools you need to arm you with facts, help you construct solid arguments and even start your own "Jeff Simmons for U.S. Congress" campaign group.


  You can also help by making a donation of any size.  We are funded completely by concerned citizens.  Unlike our opponent(s), we do not accept contributions from Special Interest Groups or utilize inherited monies. Our limited staff ensures small contributions go a long way.

Simply click the DONATION button in the upper left corner of this HOME page -or- mail your donation to:

Jeff Simmons

for U.S. Congress

9720 Coit Road 


Plano, TX 75025


Campaign office: (972) 306-3333

Direct: (972) 464-6273



We appreciate your SUPPORT

and your VOTE!

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