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Jeff Simmons is a patriotic Texan and solid constitutional conservative. He has stood up for liberty and religious freedom his entire life. Jeff got into politics at a very young age. "My Mother was a Kennedy supporter and would take me to every rally, meeting and special event. I thought it was grueling and, as it turned out, ended up having the opposite intended effect. I not only became a Republican, I became a Conservative and worked on the Goldwater campaign".














From the candidate's wife, Olga Simmons...

When Jeff and I met, we quickly knew that God had a plan for us to be married. I admired his work ethic and his love for our country. I had not been very involved in politics up to that point, but I've come to learn that we have to pay attention to what is going on with our elected representatives and our country. Jeff helped me to see that.

It is up to “We the people...”, to make sure our elected representatives

represent us and the values we hold dear.


Jeff learned to be very independent due to having to take care of himself from an early age. At age two, his father died of an aneurysm, which left his mother alone and Jeff to take care of himself.  From the time he was five, his mother worked two jobs. This left Jeff alone when he came home from school. The neighbors knew he was alone, so they looked out for him, but mostly, Jeff learned to take care of himself.

His mother worked hard to provide for them, and fortunately he had a good male figure in his life, "Grandpa Mac". But still, money was tight and certainly they didn't have money for anything extra. One of the best memories he has, is when Grandpa, Grandma & Mom would take him out for a birthday dinner and then Grandpa would take him to the toy store to pick out a new toy. Quite a treat!

 He didn't know it then, but he was an entrepreneur. At age five, he would take his little red wagon out in the snow, and ask housewives in the neighborhood if he could go to the grocery store for them. They appreciated it and would give him a tip for his good service. He learned how to handle money and make sure he purchased the items they requested and give them the right change. He sold peanut brittle door-to-door and delivered newspapers on his bicycle every morning, rain or shine.
  By the time he was age 9, he would order a large number of greeting cards direct from the greeting card companies. He would package them into smaller bundles and sell them. These experiences would be valuable training for being an entrepreneur later in his life.


When he was 10 years old, his mother remarried and suddenly he had three older stepbrothers. During his freshmen year in high school, he was mature enough to see that he needed a more positive experience and discipline in his life, so he asked his mother and stepfather to send him to military school. This was exactly what he needed. He made Honor Roll every year.


After military school, he went to Florida to work construction and ended up working at one of the nice hotels as a doorman. In doing a good job serving hotel patrons, he again used his entrepreneurial ability and started his own business, offering tickets to different excursions, concerts, etc. He designed his own business cards and would give them to patrons. He earned their trust with his good service and great attitude and he soon got repeat business.


Jeff became a prolific entrepreneur and award winning media veteran with a solid history of developing highly focused world class teams and initiating dynamic business and marketing solutions to advance industries of all types and sizes.
He started his media career in radio while working his way through college as a weekend newscaster and reporter; he successfully advanced through positions in sales, production and marketing.
After college, Jeff went to work for the BBC in Great Britain and traveled extensively throughout Europe.  While in London, Jeff was offered a position in television news in the U.S.
Jeff went to work for BusinessWeek magazine in New York and was assigned to ABC News to write and  produce daily business and consumer reports.  He eventually became an Anchor and Correspondent on the cable news effort produced by ABC News.
Jeff was based out of Washington and worked on Capitol Hill. 
He has interviewed top political leaders, presidents, business, political, religious and military leaders.
Jeff advanced in his career with extensive media experience including:
  - Videographer/Editor (including audio, film and video)
  - Producer (TV/radio commercials, music videos, graphics packages, main newscasts   5-6-10-11, noon, morning news & cut-ins)
  - Director (including audio, chyron operator, studio camera and teleprompter)
  - Correspondent/Reporter (Business/Economics, Consumer & General Assignment - primarily “live” wrap arounds from the field)
  - Assignment Editor
  - Anchor (main newscasts 5-6-10-11, morning news, cut-ins & noon)
  - Executive Producer (responsible for all newscasts, staffing, training, budget)
Jeff has written and published a News Operations Manual and has won many honors and awards for his work including:
1 Best Newscast - Producer,
2 Best Newscasts - Anchor & Co-Producer,
3 Best Anchor Awards: 1-small market, 1-medium market, 1-large market,
However, Jeff is most proud of the commendations he has received for his community and charity work. Jeff loves our country so much and appreciates our men and women in the military and the challenges their families face, sacrificing so much for our freedom.
He is currently working on three charities:
                     * to assist veterans and their families
                     * to find homes for stray animals
                     * to help prevent neighborhood crime.
In 1997, Jeff started his own business, EAD! Electronic Advertising & Design, bringing in major clients and developing marketing campaigns for clients ABC/Disney, Alibaba, CBS/Viacom, Chase, Maaco, Morgan Stanley and Shearson/American Express.
He also designed and developed, an online media marketplace for buying and selling TV/Cable, Radio, print and internet advertising.
Jeff earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Finance. He is a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant (CDMC/CRMC). His broad based business skills also include sales management, personnel development, and customer relations.
Jeff is a pilot, expert marksman and enjoys horseback riding, skydiving, golf, scuba diving and, on occasion, parasailing.//


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