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Our Mission is to provide you the best possible financial package with the most courteous and helpful service.

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“The Family 1st Financial team is great!

I had run out of money and wanted to buy a house. I had heard about Family 1st Financial from my lawyer. They were friendly, courteous and professional. They not only helped me get the money I needed, they worked with me to help me improve my credit score. That saved me alot of money.”


Barbra K.

“I needed cash fast to pay my bills and I needed a car to get me to work and medical therapy. Family 1st came through on both. They helped me get a nice car and enough money to pay my bills and go on a vacation. Thank you Family 1st Financial!”


Shamika C.

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Do you need to raise your credit score? Do you know what's on your credit report? Figuring out what's on your credit report and the Credit Industry can be overwhelming. Who do you turn to?  The knowledgeable experts at Family 1st Financial can help.  Improving your credit score can make a big difference in your financial future. Let us show you how.



Now, you can turn your structured settlement or annuity payments into a high quality, pre-owned automobile at up to 40% off the retail price. Your car will have a full factory warranty and be eligible for an extended warranty. Why wait? Turn your structured settlement or annuity payment into cash and a car NOW! Call Family 1st Financial:

                         972 306 3333



Do you have an annuity, lottery or structured settlement?  Are you still finding it hard to make ends meet?  Whether you need cash to pay off medical bills, credit cards, car repairs or you just need a vacation - Family 1st Financial can help.  Let us show you how to get access to your money now.

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What I will always remember about working with Family 1st Financial is how helpful and courteous they were. They showed me respect at a time when I was hurtin' bad. The whole transaction was fast and I needed a whole bunch of money. Family 1st Financial came through.


Willie J.

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